Wedding Destination: Exotic International Locations

When considering a destination wedding most people will never think of Malaysia as an exotic location. Malaysia is a unique country separated in two by the South China Sea. Just below Thailand on the same peninsula is the mainland Malaysia. The Island of Borneo, South of Singapore, is shared by Malaysia on the North and Indonesia on the South. With an exchange rate of 3.12 Ringgit to 1 US dollar Malaysia deserves a look.

The peninsula of Malaysia offers many first class hotels and amenities with access to amazing beaches and small uninhabited islands. You can dine in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and within an hour drive you can be exploring jungle villages and a multitude of cultures.

Starting in the City of Penang just South of the Thailand boarder on the Malaysian peninsula you can visit durian farms and taste the spicy pungent fruit and learn about its history from the local experts.

At the South end of the Malaysian peninsula is the city of Melaka. You can experience the mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and local tribal cultures while in an old Dutch sea port.

If you do not find the perfect wedding location on the Malaysian peninsula the next option is to hop on a plane and fly to the state of Sarawak on the Island Borneo. Sarawak has the most amazing beaches and tropical jungles. If you take a bus along the coastal roads you will experience some of the most stunning natural views. There are several resorts along the coast of Sarawak that offer amazing lodging and activities.

For the more adventurous couple a visit to the local Iban tribal villages in the mountains will be an experience never forgotten. While the Iban people are friendly and very welcoming to visitors they where known for their head hunting traditions; which ended in the early 50’s. You can still find village longhouses with shrunken heads wrapped in handmade reed baskets. Many of the locals still wear the traditional garb of their culture.

If a visitor is lucky and is invited to a village dinner they will enjoy a selection of food prepared in green bamboo. Chicken rice are prepared in the bamboo sections and placed next to an open fire to cook. The flavors of the foods are amazing.

At many of the local events Tuak Tuaka rice wine is prepared and offered to guests. The wine is slightly green in color and has a sweet flavor with a potent punch.

Malaysia is a great country to have your wedding. You will have the experience of a lifetime and will never forget the amazing beauty and friendly people you meet there.