How to Save and See More During Your Trip

So you like to travel but do not have the money for it?! Do not worry you are not the only one. Actually, you are the majority; most of the people do not have enough money to travel as much as they would want to or at all.

So what can you do? Travel very little or give up on travel at all?! Lucky for you there many ways in which you can travel, see the world and save money doing it.

The trick is to learn different ways for discount travel and then apply them each time you travel.

Most people travel only a few times in their lives, and when they do they want to see it all, especially if visiting a foreign, exotic country. What this means is that you are actually traveling all the time during your travel and that can be expensive.

It does not matter what country you visit, some things like train tickets, boat tickets, car or bike rentals, etc. are always going to cost you a lot of money. You can cut your expenses in half by deciding on your priorities and stay in one place for some time.

This will allow you to both save money and really discover the essence of the place you are visiting. If you agree to stay in one place, you will discover many alternative, discount ways to travel around.

For example, you can always rent an apartment in the city you wish to visit, not even the cheapest hotels can compete with this.

Another good thing about it is that little by little, you will develop relationship with natives and they can help you find where the best bargains are. What are good but cheap eating places, where to buy cheap clothes, etc.

Lots of people travel exactly on schedule, not wanting to miss anything and wanting to see everything. They use itineraries, and spend all of their vacation time constantly on the move and never really stopping to enjoy themselves. One of my favorite movies is National Lampoons European Vacation, if you did not all ready, rent it to see what I mean.

Traveling all day on a cramped bus, hoping from train to train and sleeping in cheap hotels only to repeat it all in the morning does not sound fun to me. No doubt, you will see many things traveling like that, but it will cost you a lot of money and you might just miss the best, hidden places worth seeing.

When you start planning your trip, be sure to distinguish between experiencing new things and just seeing them. By staying longer, renting a place to live, you might discover that not only will you save money but also you will immerse yourself with the culture and that experience can be more valuable then anything else.

For a modern day generation like mine, I suggest you read the book The Beach by Alex Garland, just stay off the drugs, it does not improve the experience.

If you start, thinking and planning your trips in this way, you will get more out of your trips and have more of them.