Batting Tips for Little Leaguers

There aren’t too many differences between the batting tips for Little Leaguers and everyone else. But there are a few differences you should know about.

One of the differences is the ability of the players. A seven year old little league player can’t do everything a 12 year old player can. The first thing you need to cover are the basics. Like many things in life, building a strong foundation is needed before you can develop other baseball batting skills. Here are the tips you should learn early on.

  • How to choose the best bat for you
  • How to hold the bat
  • How to stand in the batter’s box
  • Where to look
  • How to stride
  • How to swing
  • How to have fun

The last tip is especially important for young players because they need to be able to love baseball. It is the best sport in the world and they should have fun playing it. It’s okay to be serious sometimes, but baseball needs to be fun first.

After mastering these tips, older Little League players can then focus on skills that will improve their abilities so that they can excel at the sport and continue playing into their teen and college years. These skills include:

  • Bunting
  • Recognizing the difference between a curve ball and a fastball
  • Hitting the ball to the opposite field
  • Situational hitting
  • Trigger mechanism to get the swing going
  • How to avoid slumps
  • And more!

Whether you are a coach or a young player, please be patient with the learning process. Skills can’t be developed overnight. With enough hard work you can take these Little League batting tips and turn them into Little League batting success.

It’s good to watch events like the Little League World Series and the pros because then you will see these tips in action.

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